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Alexander the Great trusted in his gods, and he paid attention to omens. Near the end of his life, omens indicated he should not return to Babylon. Ignoring those. In June BC, Alexander the Great died in Babylon aged 32, having The four most popular theories concerning his death are: Malaria. The death of Alexander the Great and subsequent related events have been the subjects of debates. According to a Babylonian astronomical diary, Alexander died between the evening of June 10 and the evening of June 11, BC, at the age of thirty-two. This happened in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar II in Babylon.‎Background · ‎Prophecy of Calanus · ‎Causes · ‎Body preservation.


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The following morning he bathed and offered sacrifice, and then issued to Nearchus note[Alexander's admiral.


Next day he bathed again, went through regular religious duties, and was afterwards in constant fever. In the evening, after another bath, his condition was grave, and the following morning he was moved to the building near the swimming-pool.

He offered sacrifice, and, in spite of his increasing weakness, sent for his senior officers and repeated his orders for the expedition. Now very seriously ill, he still refused to neglect his religious duties; he gave orders, alexander death, that his senior officers should wait in the court, and the battalion and company commanders outside his door.

How Did Alexander the Great Die?

Then, his condition already desperate, he was moved from the park back to the alexander death. With the Athenians lost, the Thebans were surrounded.


Left to fight alone, they were defeated. Philip was then named Hegemon often translated as "Supreme Commander" of this league known by modern scholars as the League of Corinthand announced his plans to attack the Persian Empire. This so alexander death Alexander, that throwing one of the cups at his head, "You villain," said he, "what, am I then a alexander death Malaria is carried by mosquitoes that live in jungle and tropical locations, but not in desert regions such as central Iraq where Alexander died.

Death of Alexander the Great

Typhoid is transmitted by alexander death or water contaminated by bacteria which causes epidemics and not just single, individual cases.

There is nothing in any of the historical accounts to suggest such outbreak in Babylon at the time Alexander died. So what did kill Alexander?

One explanation is a lethal dose alexander death a toxic substance that pervaded the corpse and slowed the rate of decomposition. This suggests that Alexander the Great was poisoned, but by what?

Recent research conducted by Dr Leo Schep from the National Poisons Centre in New Zealand suggests that Alexander died from drinking poisonous wine from an innocuous-looking plant that, when fermented, is incredibly deadly.

It was recorded in these diaries that the same night Alexander began to mention that he had become ill with some form alexander death fever, he had been to a number of different parties and feasts.

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There was one common factor shared by all of these different events and their locations: Alexander death steadily weaker, he died in less than two weeks. A legend is told about a " speaking tree " which Alexander had encountered in India.