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¿Por qué la producción orgánica es un negocio interesante? 10 .. ingresos a través de la certificación orgánica y el Comercio Justo. Estableció alianzas. These products should allow consumers to clearly identify their organic status through a certification system that guarantees it. Besides being a source of healthy food and environmentally friendly, organic products are a growing consumer trend, and attractive market for their. CERES ofrece inspecciones y certificaciones de acuerdo a normas oficiales, tales Pasos a la certificación orgánica; Breves Informaciónes sobre cada una de.


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Certification Criteria The NOP standard defines acceptable practices, lists substances approved or prohibited from certificacion organica, and describes record-keeping requirements for the production and handling of organic products.

Guidelines and requirements for marketing and labeling organic products are also defined. To meet certification criteria, companies must: Prepare and implement an Organic Production or Handling System Plan Comply with Organic Management Practices Maintain relevant records for at least 5 years Label products in an appropriate manner Certificacion organica certification review is required to maintain certification.

Organic Certification

For certain countries, an addendum may be required to be completed at time of audit. Complementary Services Save time and money by combining your organic certificacion organica with complementary certification, auditing and testing services including: Process While the specifics of certification vary depending on whether the company seeking certification is a food producer, shipper, distributor, wholesaler certificacion organica handler, the certification process generally involves the following steps: This provides our auditors with basic information about your organic handling practices.

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Determine Eligibility SCS reviews your application to determine if we can offer certification services certificacion organica your operation in compliance with the NOP standard. We prepare an Application Review Letter with the findings.

If information certificacion organica is satisfactory, we proceed with your certification. Authorize a Proposal SCS prepares a proposal for your approval with suggested scope of work, timeline and quote.

If the proposal meets your needs, you sign a Work Order. We then contact you to schedule and audit.


On-site Audit and Testing SCS conducts an annual on-site audit, including collection of samples for testing as may be deemed necessary. The audit includes physical inspection of the site, review of records, interview certificacion organica personnel, and an exit interview.

We prepare a Report of Findings after the audit and any associated testing is completed.


Certification Decision If certification is granted, a Certificate of Compliance is issued. If certification is not granted, then the Report of Findings is accompanied by a declaration of status and explanation. The status certificacion organica be one of the following: Should additional inspections be required, SCS will prepare a Notification of Additional Inspection that describes the purpose of the additional inspection.

Maintaining Certification Annual certificacion organica are required to maintain certification. Benefits Organic certification has a variety of well-recognized benefits: Satisfy the growing market for organic foods Fine-tune your agrochemical applications and save money Take the first step toward achieving broader sustainability objectives Meet or exceed residue testing requirements of GlobalG.

Producción Orgánica

In addition, certification through SCS gives you the added opportunity to market your pesticide residue free status during the three-year mandatory transition period to organic. How does the USDA define organic?

Organic products are divided into four certificacion organica.