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El proceso de biofermentación aporta vitaminas, enzimas, aminoácidos, ácidos orgánicos, antibióticos y una gran riqueza microbiana que contribuyen a. Cómo hacer Composta casera orgánica. How to make ORGANIC COMPOST - Duration: Canal cómo se. Una composta es la mezcla de materiales orgánicos, de tal manera que Como hacer una Composta Casera.


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Como preparar el suelo para sembrar el pepino: Al pepino le encanta la composta.


compost organico casero Siempre es bueno sembrarla en composta y con un buen drenaje para que el agua no se estanque. Como sembrar la semilla del pepino: La semilla del pepino puede ser plantada en invernaderos o directamente al suelo.

Siembra 2 semillas por cada hueco de media pulgada a una pulgada de profundidad.

Como sembrar pepinos en mi huerto | Huerto Las Monjas y Buena Vista Hato Rey

Because bacterial life diversifies and improves compost organico casero properties and that I appreciate your cannabis plant. If you are unsure what is organic material and what not, we recommend that you take a look at the following link: Have poured to whether the amount of water that the final compost needs checks whether or dripping the mixture, introducing the hand, leaving only a few drops.


If your case is the second, your compost will have an optimum level of water. Nitrogen serve to give the compost proteins necessaries for microorganisms. Compost organico casero and cardboard should be neutral.

Composter In this case you can make yourself with big drums no longer use that we will have to make holes for compost organico casero mixture of compost can get the oxygen it needs and not die microorganisms, as we mentioned earlier.

Another material is also used for this type of product is to create a space of about one cubic meter, with large wood or brick. But certainly, and not because it is something commercial, but rather practical, what we compost organico casero is to buy the composter, and you will create compost quickly and easily.

This composter is designed for those who grow their marijuana at home, have no need to go staining stay where they make compost, or peeling odors around the house.

On the other side, we have not mentioned so far, the Vermicomposter has a system that prevents worms from escaping. Earthworms we recommend you employ when making compost, since they create humus Worm, so beneficial to the quality of the soil they are going to cultivate compost organico casero cannabis plant.

Make your own homemade compost

Humus, also known as black gold or liquid humus worm. How to use homemade compost Now that you have prepared your home compost you have to keep in mind that the use thereof will vary depending on the type of cultivation compost organico casero marijuana going to make.


Here we will mention some examples. Outdoor growing in the garden: In these cases it works best when the compost, because we can use it up to 3 times throughout the year, with the benefits this will bring to the soil in which we grow our plants, enriching and not compost organico casero die.

If this is your case, you must use two kilos of compost per square meter.

It is recommended compost organico casero use fresh or young compost ie not more than two or three months when we go to harvest marijuana, then we can add another batch of compost before they germinate seeds about two weeks before such and as recommended by the experts in the field.