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10 Free EBooks For Learning Photoshop for Beginners_ If yes, then you are at the brink of stepping in to the world of graphic designing. Once you have read CS3 tutorial from the same website, you can move ahead to. The edit to the question now makes this answer seem a bit "off". The original question was "What is the best book to learn Photoshop?" PeachPit Press' Adobe. Learn how you can create a eBook Cover using Photoshop. This is a 2 step tutorial, and if you know Photoshop, you can quickly create eBook.


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How To Design eBook Cover In 2 Easy Steps : Photoshop Tutorial

Suppose, you selected the third one PaperBack. Doing this will open Actions window.

In the Action box, in the right hand side click on the small arrow pointing downwards and select Load Actions. Now, navigate to your paperback.

How To Design eBook Cover In 2 Easy Steps : Photoshop Tutorial

This will bring the ebook tutorial design photoshop file into the Action box. There are two steps in each action and we have to play each step one by one. Now, after loading the action file, click on the arrow beside the name of the action.

  • Designing Your Own eBook Covers
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Clicking on arrow will expand it into Step1 and Step2. Now, click on Step1 to highlight it and at the bottom of the action box click on Play button.

As you will click on play button, Photoshop will start working automatically. The Creative Commons license only applies to the cover image, not to the book itself. We have several tutorials to help you in sizing your images and adding effects to images.


Choosing a Font The Font type of your title is ebook tutorial design photoshop important for your cover. You can find a lot of information for choosing fonts, with as many suggestions as there are fonts to choose from.

What you choose to use will ultimately depend on your tastes and your genre. Fantasy covers will call for different fonts than Romance and Science Fiction.

Designing Your Own eBook Covers |

Clean fonts are those that the eye can flow over well without being distracted by unnecessary embellishment or decoration. Professional fonts can be Serif with the minor flag embellishments on the end of letters — think most fonts in Print Books or Sans Serif with no minor embellishments — such as the font on this page.

Take note that while choosing your font, they are also subjected to licensing and all that ebook tutorial design photoshop. Make sure that your font works well in normal type, all caps, and bold face.

You may want to adjust between these as you play around with the title effect. Stick to one or at most two Font types for your cover.

Tutorial - What books or ebooks can I use to learn Photoshop? - Graphic Design Stack Exchange

If you blend font types in your Title, be sure the two fonts are very different, for example ebook tutorial design photoshop a Sans Serif font like Verdana with a clear Script font such as Edwardian. Avoid Comic Sans on your cover. Many new authors creating their own titles are tempted to use it because it is fun and very readable.