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Learn about working at For The Record (FTR). Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at For The Record (FTR), leverage your professional network, and. Definition of for the record from the Collins English Dictionary. carnelian. a red or reddish-yellow translucent variety of chalcedony, used as a gemstone. piteraq Sep 20, aphthong Sep 19, Endorsed by the 30 state HIMAs, For The Record is the nation's leading newsmagazine for health information professionals such as Transcriptionists, Certified.


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Their for the record single " Promises " is shown as they remember themselves going around the country performing roadshows and Robbie remembering his fascination with the song being their first chart entry.

Gary admits he felt defeated releasing a cover version of Tavares 's s hit " It Only Takes a Minute " in order to get officially noticed by the world. Looking back on their first No.

For the record

Jason Orange reflects on his friendship with Lulu following the success of their cover version of Dan Hartman 's s hit " Relight My Fire ", stating that she met the success of the band very well despite Nigel Martin-Smith stating that the record company preferred a black diva.

Fans interviewed tell that the life of a Take That fan revolved entirely around the band. Security guards escorting the band reflect on the danger and harm that was caused by pulling the band through crowds and protecting them from obscene behaviour from fans.

Following on from the band's split, the film depicts the hurt and pain for the record by devoted fans and the suicide counselling lines that were set up for young women.

The documentary details the cracks that began to form after the band achieved success, with the band acknowledging the arguments between them were escalating to greater degrees and perhaps too much money was coming in for them to handle.

The film's main focus on this is the drug and alcohol abuse from Robbie, with the band acknowledging that for the record would never have guessed the amount of booze and drugs he was taking.

Gary says they always saw him as a lively person who never wanted to for the record taken seriously. The band claim the reasons behind Williams's departure from the group were due to drug abuse, as well as friction with Gary Barlow and Jason Orange.

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Williams admits that for the record had experimented with different kinds of drugs before joining the band, and that "I was sort of heading into that direction anyway. After the group confronted Robbie about his erratic behaviour, they gave him an ultimatum to change his ways or leave the band.

Upon learning they were planning to tour as a four-piece, he angrily vowed to quit Take That and stormed off.

On the Record - Wikipedia

In turn, Williams described Martin-Smith as "the most disturbing person I've worked with" and confesses he only wanted love and acceptance from him. The band says they pulled together and finished off the tour without Robbie, without thought for what he was doing; however, upon finishing the tour, they realised the band was no longer fun for them and decided it was time to call it a day.

When the group finally announced the break-up inNigel Martin-Smith revealed that Howard Donald was the only one who wanted to keep the band going and did for the record want it to end.

Donald then admitted that he considered committing suicide by jumping in the River Thames, but he was too scared to follow through.

For the record

Martin-Smith expresses shock over Donald's suicidal thoughts and admits he never knew about it. Following the split, the film reflects on the brief media hype that saw Gary and Robbie battling for highest record sales, with Gary defending his first album and singles, for the record admitted he felt as though he was repeating old ground.

Williams claims that he was at his worst with alcohol and drugs at the time of the hype between him and Gary, but he clearly remembers hearing Gary's solo work and not rating it at all. At the time, Williams was becoming a powerful influence in the media following his worldwide hit single " Angels for the record and made his feelings public on Gary's work, playing a major part on Gary's decision to leave the music industry.

For the record - Wiktionary

On his time away from the industry, Barlow stated in the film that having been dropped by record company RCA following his second album, he felt too humiliated to continue on and was for the record to leave the industry.

He revealed he spent most of time in the beginning lying in bed feeling down and low, and asked if he ever wished he was Robbie Williams, Barlow stated he didn't care for Robbie's persona, but wished he had the same career status. Ten years after their split, Take That meet together for the first time.


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