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Doug Hepburn: Power & Pump Routines on Myosynthesis | Doug Hepburn was one of the Another option is listed from The Hepburn Method. Doug Hepburn was one of the biggest and strongest natural lifters in the history of the sport. Powerbuilding is a lifting term that mixes bodybuilding and powerlifting. One of Doug Hepburn’s training routines – known as Program A – is known for its uncanny ability to create. Just curious if anybody here has used the Hepburn method with any success? Apparently you use singles with 90% building one rep each  Another Doug Hepburn Method thread.


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Hepburn Hepburn method of Training for Strength Doug Hepburn inclined towards hepburn method strength progressions, and he believed in periodizing training in a manner which allows a trainee to completely adapt to a training load before moving on to the next heavier load.

He was so confident of his programming that he claimed any guy could gain lbs on big lifts, and 60 lbs on isolation exercises through the training plans laid out by him. And he liked to switch up programming when progress starts getting stagnant by using different methods with the same lifts.

Hepburn Solution for Strength and Power | T Nation

Since I was a new lifter and had just discovered SS as well, I put them hepburn method. So I ran 8 sets of singles every time, 2x per week.

  • The A, B, and C Routines

This made it hepburn method like linear progression. The same goes for any big, strong lifters. Heavy, yes, but not grinders.


The "B Program" is more of a pure strength and power program, with a focus on singles. Hepburn believed that single rep training led hepburn method the fastest strength gains.

Doug Hepburn: Power & Pump Routines

Like the "A Program," this plan also uses two styles of training in each workout. Follow the program to hepburn method letter, and don't add any of your own modifications.

Hepburn knew more about productive strength training than you do, so don't over-analyze the program. Power Phase After doing two warm-up sets, choose a weight you can handle for three reps, and do 5x1.

Rest three to five minutes between each set. At hepburn method next workout, do 6x1. If you can't hepburn method all six reps, you either started too heavy, or you aren't taking long enough breaks.

Doug Hepburn: Power & Pump Routines | Myosynthesis

The goal is to work up to 8x1 over several hepburn method. When you reach 8x1, add five to ten pounds, drop back to 5x1, and repeat the process. This manner of progression automatically cycles the intensity to avoid overtraining.

As the workout's hepburn method goes up, the volume decreases to induce adaptation. Pump Phase After the power phase of the workout, take a ten to fifteen minute break, and then do the pump routine.

Take a weight you can comfortably lift for eight reps, and do 6x3, resting just one minute between each set. At the second workout, do 5x3 and 1x4.