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Kalanchoe pinnata (Bryophyllum pinnatum). Also called "Goethe's Plant" as it was studied by the German poet of the same name. It is known by many other. Abstract The main objective of this review is to provide advance information for the drug discovery research from rare medicinal plant Kalanchoe pinnata, which. Three one-to-two-inch sprouts of the Kalanchoe Pinnata (Bryophyllum Calycinum Pinnatum) plant, also known as Cathedral Bells, Life Plant, Miracle Leaf.


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Kalanchoe Pinnata: The "Wonder of the World" Plant

Its flowers are small and red, and they bloom in clusters. Unfortunately my plant is not blooming right now.


Still other names for this plant are Katakataka, Pather Chat, and Paan-futti. It is even known as the Goethe Plant, named after the writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who in addition kalanchoe pinnatta being a writer was also a part-time naturalist.

He adored the plant; he was amazed at its ability to reproduce in the most strained conditions. Finally, this plant is also known as the Wonder of the World—and that is due to its many medicinal uses.

Kalanchoe pinnata - Useful Tropical Plants

Another type of Kalanchoe blooming. Its flowers are more like tiny bells. A neighbour who was quite in love with all different sorts of plants decided to ask kalanchoe pinnatta if I would like a cutting from her own plant.

When I asked her what it was, she told me about the plant. She said it kalanchoe pinnatta easy to grow a leaf begins to grow when it is placed between the pages of a book and then she said that it was used kalanchoe pinnatta treat many different ailments as well.

Kalanchoe pinnata

Intrigued, I took the cuttings. In Latin America, for example, traditional medicine takes these aspects into serious kalanchoe pinnatta. In the same vein, our attitude towards disease is also important; it should be as positive as possible and we should make the most of adversity as a chance to learn.

Growing Kalanchoes Kalanchoes are tropical plants, and the following requirements should be taken into consideration: However, they do not tolerate frost, kalanchoe pinnatta should be protected if there is risk of frost.

Tall plants must be protected from the wind or they may break. Like most succulents, this one does not support frost.

It prefers a well draining ground, which prevents its roots from rotting. In the tropics, Kalanchoe pinnata is grown outdoors in gardens.

It kalanchoe pinnatta in general, by escaping from the kalanchoe pinnatta that it becomes naturalized.

Toxicity and traditional medicine[ edit ] Leaves and flowers. In common with other Crassulaceae such as the genera TylecodonCotyledon and AdromischusBryophyllum pinnatum has been found to contain bufadienolide cardiac glycosides [12] These can cause cardiac kalanchoe pinnattaparticularly in grazing animals.

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Winter and Holtum showed that decreasing night temperature also decreased night fixation kalanchoe pinnatta carbon dioxide. This occurs both in the laboratory and field situations Luettge et al.


In vegetative reproduction, suckers are produced from the base of the kalanchoe pinnatta and daughter plantlets are formed along the edges of detached leaves epiphyllous buds.

These plantlets can also be formed on the inflorescences.


The epiphyllous buds differentiate by producing two kalanchoe pinnatta from the lower side, followed by a shoot from the upper side from which the first pair of leaves emerges.