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L'Attentat de Yasmina Khadra est un roman qui fait l'unanimité, et qui prend tristement la poussière sur les étagères de ma bibliothèque depuis - quoi - dix. L'attentat [Yasmina Khadra] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Amine, chirurgien israélien d'origine palestinienne, a toujours refusé de. L'attentat Yasmina Kadra. 63 likes. Book. L'attentat Yasmina Kadra. Privacy · Terms. About. L'attentat Yasmina Kadra. Book. 63 people like this topic. Related.


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Author of dark romans policiers while still a serving officer in Algeria, he retired from the army in and the next year moved to France. He writes not in Arabic but in French. That makes sense in that French is easier and there are more novel readers in France l attentat yasmina in the Arab world.

The Attack

French critics have been happy to compare Moulessehoul with another Algerian, Albert Camus. As might be expected from a soldier who survived the vicious Algerian civil war of the s, Moulessehoul has an interest in the grand political conflicts now troubling the Muslim world.

The Attack, published in France as L'attentat inuses both suicide bombing and the plight of the million or so citizens of L attentat yasmina who are of Arab blood. These are the descendants of the Arabs who stayed behind rather than go into l attentat yasmina at the formation of the Israeli state in They have suffered discrimination and mistreatment but have also prospered, and are now squeezed between an embattled Jewish state and their insurrectionary fellow Arabs in Gaza and on the West Bank.

Amin Jaafari is a hard-working, able and successful surgeon at a busy Tel Aviv hospital, a sort of professional show pony, "integration at its most successful".


Two generations away from his Bedouin origins, he is well off, popular with his Jewish colleagues, and, though childless, devoted to his wife Sihem. The book opens with Amin taking charge of the chaos in the emergency room after a suicide bomber attacks a fast-food restaurant in the Hakirya district of Tel Aviv, killing 19 people including a group of schoolchildren at a birthday party.

Though one of his Jewish patients spits in his face, and he is stopped and searched four times by Israeli l attentat yasmina on the way home, Amin only wakes up to his own misfortune and the l attentat yasmina to the black dramatic irony when he learns that Sihem has been killed in the bombing.

Yasmina Khadra - Wikipedia

Second English language Edition Double Blank, translated by Aubrey Botsford. Book Two Superintendent Llob Series.

First English language Edition Autumn of the Phantoms, translated by Aubrey Botsford. Book Three Superintendent Llob Series.

Yasmina Khadra

English language Edition Though one of his Jewish patients spits in his face, and he is stopped and searched four times by Israeli coppers on the way home, Amin only wakes up to his own misfortune and the reader to the black dramatic irony when he learns that L attentat yasmina has been killed in the bombing.

More to the point, her wounds are consistent with those found on suicide bombers. At first, Amin refuses to believe that Sihem could have committed such an atrocity. He expects her to return soon l attentat yasmina visiting her old grandmother in Kfar Kanna.


Disbelief gives way to horror when Sihem's last letter, posted from Bethlehem, turns up in his post box. Amin's life, ambition, values and friendships disintegrate.

L'attentat - Yasmina Khadra by Devester Ambrine on Prezi

He descends into a nightmare of drink and perplexity in which he examines every assumption of his life, nationality and marriage. A Jewish colleague, Kim Yehuda, a sister of mercy if ever there was one, calls Amin back from the brink. He retraces Sihem's last journey from Tel Aviv to Bethlehem and back again.

Like the hero of the noir thrillers that Moulessehoul seems to admire, Amin is repeatedly beaten up: He is lectured by imams and would-be martyrs. He clings to both his professionalism l attentat yasmina his humanity.