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View CONTOH METODE from MATH at Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology. METODE TSUKAMOTO Setiap konsekuen. Title: Sistem penunjang keputusan kelayakan pemberian pinjaman dengna metode fuzzy tsukamoto. Authors: Tri Murti, Leon Andretti Abdillah. Jun. Contoh Penerapan Fuzzy Logic Metode Tsukamoto menggunakan. Matlab Bagi anda yang mempelajari tentang Artificial Intelligence pada.


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Pindad Persero is done by selecting one of the employees recommended by other metode tsukamoto. Download kB Preview Abstract Best employees are employees who display behavior that is in line with the vision, mission, goals and values of the company PT.

The information system produces graduates index KPI performance and quality of graduates graduated as a decision support by the leadership and the head of the research program carried out at the University, KPI graduates to indicate that the parameters of the specific level of quality graduates and overall views of the dimensions of the year and course of study, such as in the level of quality of graduates of IT course overall "Good", TM course as a whole "Good", TP courses overall "Good".

Jurnal logika fuzzy metode tsukamoto

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