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If there is a particular Savage Worlds book you're looking for and you don't see it online please don't hesitate to give us a call to see if we have it in store! Items 1 - 50 of - You're Not In Kansas Anymore. A new Wizard is enthroned in the Emerald City but his intentions are purely wicked. Heartless Tin-Men. Written By Savage Shane Hensley. With additional material by John R. Hopler & Zeke Sparkes. Cover Design by Jason Engle. Graphics by Zeke Sparkes.


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Settings[ edit ] Although Savage Worlds is a generic rules system, Pinnacle has released "Savage Settings" - campaign settings or modules designed specifically for the Savage Worlds rules.


Pinnacle has also published setting books based on the company's earlier lines, including Deadlands: Beginning with 50 Fathoms, the majority of settings released by Pinnacle feature a concept known as a "Plot Point Campaign". In such campaigns, a series of loosely defined adventure scenarios are presented.

A main storyline is presented as a series of "Plot Points" savage worlds core rulebook additional side-quests or "Savage Tales" expand the scope of the campaign.

This format allow a group of characters to explore the game universe while playing through or disregarding the main storyline in a manner similar to that of role-playing video games.

Savage Worlds - Wikipedia

Savage worlds core rulebook licensing system is in place for electronic and book publishers to release material for the Savage Worlds game. Character creation[ edit ] Player characters are built using a point allocation system, though game masters are encouraged to design non-player characters to the needs of the game rather than to fit the system.

Characters in Savage Worlds are composed of a variety of statistics. Race[ edit ] A character's race usually refers to his or her species, which may grant or impose modifiers to characteristics.

In some settings such as the Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG this may instead refer to nationality, which typically does not.

Nationality based differences may occur in campaigns where certain Skill specializations, Edges and Hindrances are affected by cultural savage worlds core rulebook technological differences or are included to add flavor to a character.

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For instance, in Deadlands: The more sides the trait is rated in, the better the character is at the trait - ranging from a 4-sided die d4 - the lowest to a sided die d12 - the highest.

So a character with a Strength trait of a ten-sided die d10 is stronger than a savage worlds core rulebook whose Strength trait is rated with a six-sided die d6. Traits are divided into Attributeswhich are inherent, and Skillswhich are learned. Attributes start at Level 1 d4 and cost one point per additional level; Level 1 d4 in an Attribute would cost nothing and Level 5 d12 would cost four points.

The number of points assigned to spend savage worlds core rulebook Attributes is usually 5 points, but can be more in certain gameworlds.

Attributes are also used to set the point cost of skills in that Attribute's group. The player can buy levels in a Skill at cost as long as its level is lower than its controlling Attribute.

Savage Worlds Deluxe Core Rules: Explorer’s Edition (Print+PDF, or PDF)

The point cost doubles if the Skill level exceeds the controlling Attribute. For instance, Healing is a Smarts-based skill.

If a character had a Smarts of Level 1 4-sided die, or d4 and wants to buy the Healing skill at Level 2 six-sided die, or d6it will cost 3 points - one point for Savage worlds core rulebook at Level 1 d4 and two points for Healing at Level 2 d6.

If they had a Smarts of Level 2 or d6 it would only have cost 2 points - one point for Level 1 d4 and another for Level 2 d6. The number of points assigned to spend on Skills is usually 15 points, but can be more in certain gameworlds.


In addition to Savage worlds core rulebook a character has the following derived statistics: Pace ground speedParry the ability to defend one's selfToughness resistance to damage and Charisma presence and charm. Some setting supplements add a fifth derived statistic such as Reason Problem SolvingSanity Mental Health or Grit Savage worlds core rulebook Strength to reflect the special needs of the gameworld.

For instance, a character with Fighting would not just be skilled in fighting with their bare hands or with melee weapons.

They might also be able to identify and counter an opponent's fighting style, know the name and reputation of a skilled savage worlds core rulebook they meet, figure out the nationality and rank of a soldier by their uniform and insignia, or locate and hire a mercenary or bodyguard.

Healing could be used to diagnose an illness, identify medicinal herbs or pharmaceutical drugs, find a healer or medical specialist, or prevent a disease outbreak in an encampment by organizing sanitation protocols.

Edges and Hindrances[ edit ] Characters are also customized with advantages and disadvantages known as Edges and Hindrances.

Edges and Hindrances, unlike Traits, are not rated with dice. Edges character advantages cost points, are based on their character Rank Novice, Seasoned, Veteran, Heroic, or Legendaryand are unlocked as the character levels up.