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Captain Shane Michael Schofield, callsign Scarecrow, USMC is a fictional character, whose exploits form the basis of a series created by the Au. Scarecrow is the fifth Matthew Reilly novel, and the third to feature the main character Captain Shane Schofield, USMC. It was released in Series‎: ‎Shane Schofield. Area 7 ; Temple ; Contest ; Ice Station —fans of Reilly's novels know that no one writes faster-moving adventure fiction, so it's a shock to read, in an interview with.


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Reilly's admirers will love this one, and anyone interested in the outer limit of action writing should check it out; that the villains are headquartered in France should add to its populist appeal. They all have a whopping price of The scarecrow matthew reilly on the list all have one thing in common and that skill could stop a group of power hungry billionaires from owning the world.

Shane Schofield is of course, on that list. For some reason, someone is paying him to keep Schofield alive and combat those who want him dead and his head on a stick. Later, at Mother's house, Schofield receives a letter from Knight telling him to accept Gant's death and move on.

Schofield then goes to the Marine Corps building and says he's ready for duty again. Main characters[ edit ] Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield[ edit ] Only in his early thirties, Captain Schofield is renowned for his level-headed demeanor and reflexes that afford him the ability to come out of devastating conflict alive.

His callsign comes from two vertical scars that run from his eyebrows to his cheeks, over his eyes, wounds he sustained while he was a Harrier pilot for the Marine Corps in Serbia. Although his rank is well below many others in the story, he frequently takes command of the entire United States military; the President personally agreeing to this due to Schofield having saved his life the preceding year.

Often resorting to very dangerous strategies to win a battle, it has become the norm for any attempt on his life to end with him escaping while the surrounding environment is more or less demolished.

Scarecrow (Shane Schofield, #3) by Matthew Reilly

He commands a recon unit of Marines called to aid the Russian government - a trap designed to lead to his death. Upon discovering M's plot to change world order, he embarks upon a campaign to ruin the Chameleon and Kormoran projects.

He is the protagonist in scarecrow matthew reilly Matthew Reilly novels and a novella, Scarecrow being the third novel.


It is revealed that Schofield intended to propose to her soon. Gant's callsign was bestowed upon her by admiring male colleagues due to her athletic figure and attractive features.

Unlike Schofield and Mother, Gant has neither lightning-fast reflexes nor sheer scarecrow matthew reilly strength and as a result has been seriously injured several times before.

Scarecrow Series

That said, she has proven more than capable of holding her own in fire fights and hand-to-hand combat in all three Schofield novels. Due to a Marine Scarecrow matthew reilly policy, she has been placed in the command of her own unit, rather than in Schofield's.

Her execution at first drives Schofield to attempt suicide twice, both times failing to do so, but then prompts him to seek vengeance. In Area 7, Elvis suggests that the Area 7 Air Force base was working on the superbomb, and that they needed a special element to power it.

Schofield's group find the remains of one of the Delta teams, and Schofield quickly notices that McCabe's head is missing, which is when the other team reports the same thing has happened to Farrell.

Even as Scarecrow matthew reilly realises they have been set up, both teams come under fire, and only Schofield, Book II and Clark are able to avoid being killed.

Their assailants are a group of mercenaries known as Executive Solutionsscarecrow matthew reilly by Cedric Wexley. Schofield floods the dry dock, affording them to enter a Typhoon-class submarine.


After launching a torpedo to strike the facility in 15 minutes, Schofield and his men then confront Wexley as the ExSol troops storm the sub.

Schofield forces Wexley to reveal that Schofield, as well as McCabe and Farrell, are among 15 targets on a bounty listwho must be dead by 12pm, New York time. Clark is killed as the ExSol men spot scarecrow matthew reilly, and Schofield and Book II become trapped on top of a building that ExSol sets detonation charges scarecrow matthew reilly bring them down.

Shane Schofield Series

They are saved by the arrival of another bounty hunter, the Hungarianby using their maghooks to attach themselves to his plane. After the Hungarian lands, Schofield and Book II question him, but he is only able to add to Wexley's story that there is a castle in France their heads must be taken to, and the Hungarian is unaware of who is paying for the hunt.

The two Marines take his plane, warning him of the incoming torpedo. As they speed away, Schofield decides to head towards Afghanistan, where Schofield's girlfriend, Elizabeth "Fox" Gantis part of an Al-Qaeda mission, since Wexley had implied that someone would eventually use her to get to him.

The torpedo, meanwhile, is destroyed by another arriving bounty hunter, the Black Knightwho scarecrow matthew reilly the site, confirming that the Scarecrow matthew reilly has evaded ExSol, before he and his pilot set of after him.

Schofield contacts David Fairfaxasking for help in finding the connection between the men on the bounty list, and also gets Gant's coordinates.