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NPTEL Video Lectures, IIT Video Lectures Online, NPTEL Youtube Lectures, Free Six Sigma by Dr. T. P. Bagchi, Department of Management, IIT Kharagpur. NPTEL Last Lecture on Problem Solving by Six Sigma - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. NPTEL gives you free access to learning materials from National Programme on Technology Six Sigma - Introduction to Taguchi Methods and Robust Design.


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This course, directed by Ross Gittell for the University of New Hampshire, goes into detail on the topics of continuous improvement, total quality management, and process optimization.

Six Sigma Video Lectures

Click here to access the course Change Management — Organizational Capacity for Change, Alison No matter how big the organization, a change to the familiar and accepted process can cause a chaotic ripple effect.

Businesses will always need to re-engineer their processes as they scale, but how do you manage and implement this change? This free Alison six sigma nptel on change management goes step-by-step through the theories behind change management and the methods you can use in your six sigma nptel organization.

The course will only take two or three hours to complete, and it comes with an assessment at the end.

Click here to access the course Open Six Sigma courses The set of methods which Six Sigma six sigma nptel helps businesses improve their processes by focusing on reducing the number of errors.

This could be manufacturing errors, communication errors, or any kind of breakdown in the expected operations of your business. These courses are listed in order of complexity.

Free Online Course: Six Sigma from NPTEL | Class Central

The course uses a running example of an aircraft manufacturing plant throughout to show how Six Sigma can incrementally improve the efficiency of your business, no matter how complex your operations might be. You can get all six sigma nptel the supporting material hereor click below to start watching the lectures on YouTube.

Click here to access the course Diploma in Six Sigma — RevisedAlison Alison hosts a wealth of business courses, all of which are open and offered for free.

Six sigma nptel a lot of the courses on this list, however, this one includes an actual diploma certification.

Studying the concepts behind Six Sigma is a great way to scientifically improve your business processes and quality of service. The course covers proven methods you can use to design efficient systems, analyze the way your six sigma nptel operates, and cut down on mistakes — both in the fields of manufacturing and operations.


The tuition is clear and simple, even for such an advanced course. You can see transcripts of the videos and additional notes hereor click below to open the full course six sigma nptel on YouTube.

Six sigma - Course

Click here to access the six sigma nptel Open operations management courses Learn to design and control business processes with these courses in operations management. The two courses in this section are on the advanced end of the scale, and are concerned with the mathematical models at work behind the scenes of organizations.

Operations Management, Saylor This Saylor course on operations management is rather dense and long 79 hours is their estimationbut it will give you a complete overview of operations management, from the history of the field to its practical applications in your organization.

The course teaches you how to design systems, implement lean methodology, and tune up your inefficient business processes six sigma nptel a variety of proven techniques. Click here to access the course Operations and Supply Chain Management, IIT Madras As you might expect from a 40 hour course on operations and supply chain management, this lecture series is extremely deep and mathematical.

Topics and Links

It covers inventory management, resource planning, productivity, and the science behind the whole manufacturing and distribution process. Click here to access the course Open business process courses for startups Strict processes sound counterproductive in the context of startupsbut the truth is that they underpin the way every business works, regardless of size.

Complexities and examples Lecture Six sigma nptel decisions, Work breakdown structure, schedule development and cost estimation Lecture Project planning and scheduling: