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MedGen, MeSH, NCBI Web Site, NLM Catalog, Nucleotide, OMIM, PMC, PopSet, Probe . The extension of the light absorption of photovoltaics into the near-infrared . An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc. .. A thin layer of TiO2 (Solaronix SA Ti-Nanoxide), containing a μm thick film of. MedGen, MeSH, NCBI Web Site, NLM Catalog, Nucleotide, OMIM, PMC, PopSet An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc. a paste of TiO2 nanoparticles (Ti-Nanoxide T/SP from Solaronix diluted with ethanol . increasing adhesive concentration, allowing for better p-type charge collection. Protein Groups, MedGen, MeSH, NCBI Web Site, NLM Catalog, Nucleotide, OMIM . An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc. . cTiO2 Solaronix (HT/SP + R/SP), measurements were carried out with a mask of cm2. Two different types of electrodes were used to fabricate the devices.


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Further details regarding the demonstrators can be found in the WP6 section.

A lot of work was carried out to develop a synthetic route for the solaronix catalog file type of ionic liquids block co-polymers. In addition to the BCP structures, and as a potential contingency solution, PIL samples based on poly 1-vinylisopropyl imidazolium bromide and poly 1-vinylbutyl imidazolium bromide were synthesized by free-radical non-controlled polymerization of corresponding monomers.

A transparent, solvent-free laminated top electrode for perovskite solar cells

Subsequent substitution of hydroxyde OH- counter-anions for bromide ones afforded stable methanolic solutions of PIL with OH- counter-anions. Similarly, IPCF-CNR, used poly 1-vinylbutyl imidazolium featuring PF6- as counter anions as polymeric stabilizer for the growth of narrow bandgap nano-crystal composites.


solaronix catalog file type MUENSTER has been performing fundamental studies on the synthesis of ionic liquids and formulation of ionic liquid based electrolytes for Li battery application. The ionic liquids were either used as additives for advanced electrolytes or as precursor for polymeric ionic liquid polymer preparation to be used as binder for Li-ion batteries.

Spectral splitting photovoltaics using perovskite and wideband dye-sensitized solar cells

NMR studies, based solaronix catalog file type relaxation times, showed that the cation of pyrrolidinium-based ILs aggregates in a micelle-like way, which is all the more marked that the pyrrolidinium cation is substituted by a long alkyl chain.

It is worth to note the large family of ionic liquid and derivative metal salts e. Thanks to the excellent results of using them as precursors WP2 and efficient dissemination activities by the different ORION partners, an appealing solaronix catalog file type window appeared for the above mentioned metal salts.

They can be found on the website http: Concerning the ionic liquids, a wide range of ionic liquids were selected and provided to partners in charge of characterization of electrode materials developed in the project WP3 and WP5.

Thanks to feedback from testing, several generations of ionic liquids were synthesized and one was selected for the final demonstrators WP6.

The selected product is actually a eutectic mixture, which can lead to a dramatic extension of the temperature range of electrochemical energy storage systems.

CIDETEC developed an electrochemical-based route to obtain —at industrial competitive growth rate- arrays of zinc oxide nanowires with tailored morphology and properties.

Insertion of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells in Textiles using a Conventional Weaving Process

Furthermore, ZnO colloidal nanoparticles and derivative inks were synthesized with well solaronix catalog file type properties to process flexible light emitting sources, as demonstrated by UVEG in WP3.

Johnson Matthey developed various materials for batteries application using flame spray pyrolysis. Olivine type materials as well as spinels materials were synthesised for the use in the cathode. Lithium titaniate, titania, cobalt oxide, and are just few examples of the type of materials synthesised for the use in anode.

Briefly, the nanorods, capped with oleic acid, were synthesised by a low temperature colloidal route based on thermal decomposition of the precursors in presence of coordinating agents. Light sensitizers such as quantum dots, semiconducting polymers and dyes were developed under Task 1.

A transparent, solvent-free laminated top electrode for perovskite solar cells

Among the different families, it is worth to highlight the Squaraines—with ability to harvest the Near InfraRed solaronix catalog file type and Ullazines due to their promising performance in solid-state DSC WP5.

IMEC exploited its large background in the polymer synthesis to develop advanced synthetic approaches to obtain a large family of low bandgap polymers and copolymers, which open wide solaronix catalog file type for the ionic functionalization in order to obtain hybrid materials containing light sensitizer building blocks WP2.

All in all, an advanced version of materials from different families -including ionic liquids, inorganic nanowires and nanoparticles, molecular dyes and polymers- was successfully synthesized in WP1. These materials will be used as building blocks for the synthesis of hybrid materials in WP2 and as reference materials in devices WP5.


It is worth to note the novelty of these reference materials. Indeed, some of them by solaronix catalog file type allowed to progress beyond the art of the devices investigated in WP5.

WP2- Synthesis of Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials The main objectives of this workpackage were to synthesize a inorganic-organic materials composed of inorganic oxides and ionic liquids Task 2. The approach is based on the electrochemical reduction of an oxygenated precursor e.

Community Research and Development Information Service - CORDIS

O2 or NO3- in aprotic ionic liquids containing metal cations e. By this way, hybrid films constituted by the metal oxide e. These materials have been physico-chemically characterized in WP3 and solaronix catalog file type in energy devices in WP5.

Additionally to be an effective way to obtain hybrid films i.