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Nonprofit websites are critical to executing organizational strategy & mission implementation. How can a better web design process make them. Align your website design with your marketing strategy by including these tips on buyer personas, multimedia storytelling and marketing. Let's take a look at how we can use six steps to think strategically about a Web design project: Establish your goals. Identify your audience. Determine your brand image. Goal-driven design direction. Measure results. Kaizen.


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Clean lines, solid colors, and strict organization seem to have website design strategy into the norm. While there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to deliver a crisp, simple look, Donovan told me "research shows that internet users are actually responding well to busy-looking websites.

Experts once thought many images or overwhelming colors can deter users, but, today, many believe the website design strategy may be true: So, consider what your website design strategy are, and make your website match your customers' styles and wants.

Online video usage has been surging, and inthere is little doubt that websites will continue to increase their utilization of video technology. While mobile website capabilities may seem like something everyone who has a website should have addressed at least half-a-decade ago, the sad reality is many websites still do not deliver proper mobile experiences.

Building Loyalty: 7 Web Design Strategies to Earn Your Audience’s Trust - Search Engine Journal

Website design strategy ubiquitous, attractive calls to action. An appealing website that evokes emotion makes a lasting impression. It will stand out among the competition and be remembered when it is time for your web visitors to make a purchase.

A personal connection is essential if you want people to commit to you.


As Sabina Idler sums it up in her article: What makes our brand personality unique? We created a list of traits that best described our brand.

Developing an Effective Strategy for Your Web Project

Friendly and humorous fit us better than sophisticated and formal. The tone of voice should reflect our personality traits. Since our brand is light and humorous, we needed to use a less formal tone and a bit of wit in our copy and messages. website design strategy

What character or image embodies website design strategy personality traits? We did not want this character to be a mascot but knew that a visual representation would personalize our brand so our audience could relate better to it.

Website Design Strategy 4: Analyze Competition Understanding what the competition is doing can help you finalize your redesign plan. With a clear redesign strategy, we were ready to move on to the next phase and develop a design plan.

Website Design Plan We recognized that that our old website spoke in stuffy corporate tones that was lacking in personality and emotion.

Creating a Website Design Strategy and Plan

We decided to rebrand with: A modernized logo Colors that were bright and cheerful Imagery that was fun and invited our visitors relax and explore the possibilities Typography that was modern and friendly Landing page layout that was easy to navigate and inspired people to learn more website design strategy collecting data that they could act on Copy website design strategy matched our casual voice that spoke about exploring questions and discovering answers Pages that were responsive and mobile friendly Call-to-action that increased signups for our 14 day free trial A mood board also known in some fields as an inspiration board is extremely useful for establishing the aesthetic feel of a web site.

It usually fits into the design process somewhere between the wireframes and design mockups. A mood board explores photography style, color palettes, typography, patterns, and the overall look and feel of the site.

We used an outside web design agency, Slice of Limeto help us with this process.

We had several meeting sessions that focused on our personality, user persona, goals, and mission statement before they presented color palettes and visual illustrations.

They then watched our emotional reaction to the illustrations.