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Winterhalter U 50 undercounter warewasher We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the Winter Halter Undercounter dishwasher U Yes! The U50 is the robust under counter warewasher of the Winterhalter ValueLine that delivers best cleaning results. It is easy to operate coupled with efficient. Dimension W x D x H: x x Power: – V / 1N~, 50Hz. – V / 3N~, 50Hz. Related Products. ts-b T&S B Contact. 5F-1SLX


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The U50 is designed for extremely cost-effective operation.

High performance — German technology are the two winterhalter u50 for the development of the U The result is an undercounter warewasher specially designed for the requirements of our customers in Asia: And all at an attractive price. A standard programme for normal dirt and an intensive programme with high temperature for heavy-duty cleaning.

Winterhalter Dish Washer U – Food Equipments World Inc

All the relevant washing parameters are adapted perfectly to the specific requirements. There is also a short programme specifically for peak times, which takes less winterhalter u50 1 minute.


These are the result of many years of development, and their shape and the specific geometry of their jets provide maximum winterhalter u50 and washing power.

During stage 1, a strainer filters the largest dirt particles out of the wash water. During stage 2, the filter cylinder with its fine filter removes smaller dirt particles.

The Mediamat then filters out winterhalter u50 finest particles, such as coffee grounds, during stage 3. Finally, during stage 4, the pump inlet filter gets to work, protecting the pump from mechanical damage.

As a result, the wash winterhalter u50 remains clean at all times. The interior of the machine is smooth and has no joints.

U50 undercounter warewasher. Specifically for the Asian market | Winterhalter

There is a special hygienic rack guide. The tank is deep-drawn winterhalter u50 has a hygienic heating element. In conjunction with the integrated self-cleaning programme, the cleaning work required by your staff winterhalter u50 therefore kept to a minimum.


It shows at a glance which mode the machine is currently in: The start button works using the one-button principle.

This means that the U50 can also be used winterhalter u50 by inexperienced staff or where staff change frequently.

Storage & Dishwashing

This ensures optimal protection of the dishes. Detergent and rinse aid work at their best in winterhalter u50 water and deliver improved wash results.

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At the same time, limescale deposits winterhalter u50 the machine are reduced and the long-term damage associated with limescale is prevented.

We want you to be absolutely confident in your decision to choose Winterhalter.


Work with one of our experts to find out whether the UC is the right winterhalter u50 solution for you. Simply call or email us.


The U50 guarantees first-class wash results. For cleanliness and hygiene of the highest winterhalter u50. Operation of the U50 is easy and intuitive.